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Timber & Wildlife Management For Private Landowners

Haubry Forestry & Wildlife Consulting specializes in working with private landowners to manage their timber and wildlife resources.

Successful forest and habitat management is a result of carefully planning and analyzing the existing forest resources to develop both long and short term goals. That's where we come in. Managing your land for timber production and/or enhanced wildlife habitat results in a healthier stand of timber for a better economic rate of return and more diverse habitats. It is an investment in your future and the quality of your timber and wildlife resources.

Haubry Forestry & Wildlife Consulting provides services that include Timber Marking, Timber Sales, Tree Planting, Habitat Improvement, Food Plots, Wildlife Travel Corridors, and other integral components of a well planned and managed stand of timber and hunting property. Contact us today for more information about our timber and wildlife management services. We want to work with you to provide the optimum results for your land.

Haubry Forestry Consulting • (812) 919-4060 • info@haubryforestry.com