Year round nutrition. That is our philosophy when it comes to whitetail habitat and food plots. We help you maximize the nutritional needs of your deer by implementing strategies that provide those nutritional needs through every season. Those strategies may include; nutrient buildup of the soils along with row crops of soybeans and corn, smaller plots of clover and chicory, fall and winter plots of wheat, peas, oats and turnips, or a combination of all the above.

Along with our food plot strategies we also implement fruit and nut crop food sources for additional foraging opportunities. These orchard plantings can be a mix of apple, crabapple, pear, persimmon and plum trees as well as an assortment of hard mast producing trees such as white oak, red oak and chestnut trees.

Native browse is another key component in whitetail nutrition. By creating forest openings and utilizing fire as a management tool we can help you maintain quality early successional habitat types that are essential for growing good native browse and cover.