Our timber management philosophy starts by understanding the specific goals of each landowner. By recognizing your objectives and adding our knowledge of timber management, timber markets, and harvesting options, we can assure you will receive; The best management practice, The best price for your timber, A quality job of harvesting, and a Quality job of post harvest clean up.

Haubry Forestry and Wildlife Consulting provides a wide variety of quality timber management services to help make your land more healthy and productive. Initial consultation and woodland walk-through are provided free of charge. Services Include: Timber sales and marketingTimber appraisalsTimber taxation assistance,Timber inventoriesTimber stand improvement (TSI),Tree and shrub plantingGPS mapping of timber stands, and Timber management plans.

A well managed forest will produce higher quality timber which results in higher prices when sold. Timber sale timing is extremely important and requires an up-to-date knowledge of timber markets and trends. We continually monitor these factors to help our clients achieve the maximum timber sale value. We strive to accurately estimate the volume and value of the timber, advertise the timber through competitive bids, sell under a contract designed to protect our clients land, and supervise the harvest.

An appraisal is used to measure and estimate the current standing timber volume and value on your property. These are excellent for estates or if you are considering selling your property because the value of timber is normally not included in the appraised value of land.

When timber is sold it either taxed as income or capitol gains. Prior to selling your timber, we can assist you in making the appropriate decisions to help reduce the amount (if any) you will have to pay in taxes. 

Timber inventories include the volume and value of timber for management, sales, taxation, trespass, property damages, loans, property divisions, eminent domain proceedings, land acquisition and estate planning purposes. We utilize sound timber cruising techniques and the latest in GPS technology to assure accurate timber estimates.

A quality stand of timber needs to be void of less desirable woody plants that compete with timber for nutrients and water. A Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) works to eliminate the low value tree species and woody plants so that higher quality crop trees can grow more efficiently. By controlling and removing invasive species such as bush honeysuckle, Japanese honeysuckle, garlic mustard, grapevines, and ailanthus, your desired tree species increase in size, health and quality.

Tree and shrub planting practices are useful in developing productive stands of timber and land beneficial to wildlife. Travel corridors for deer and other wildlife can be established to promote improved hunting objectives and wildlife viewing opportunities. Reforestation is used for unproductive crop fields and old pasture lands. Tree and shrub planting efforts are excellent for ground enrolled in Conservation Programs such as; Wetland Reserve Program (WRP), Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program (WHIP), Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP), and Environmental Quality Improvement Program (EquiP).

Pictures are worth a thousand words. The same goes for a map. Our GPS software allows us to map potential and established skid roads, regeneration opening, location of veneer quality trees, log yards, as well as any other items that may need to be mapped.

Used to create long term management plans that will assist a land owner with proper forest management techniques. The timber management plan provides management schedules to maximize growth and profit potential from your woodland.